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Breathing Exercises for Rappers

By Chuck Hinson

Rappers, unlike most other entertainers, use an energetic vocal style that demands more words or lyrics spoken between breathing intervals. They often require breathing exercises to be able to perform without running out of breath or having their words trail off.

Horizontal Exercise

In order to perform well, the rap artist must learn to control his or her diaphragm. This is a muscle that surrounds the lungs and is used mainly for breathing. In order to learn how to breathe from the diaphragm instead of the lungs, lie down on a firm but comfortable surface. Place your hands on your abdomen, around the navel. Relax and breathe in, allowing the stomach to expand. As this occurs, the abdomen begins to rise as the diaphragm works in coordination with it. Soon you will feel your chest expanding.

Now slowly release the air through your mouth for five seconds. Repeat this exercise ten times. Its purpose is to teach proper control of breathing.

Crawl Exercise

In this exercise, get down on your hands and knees as if you were going to crawl. Take some slow breaths and be aware of what is moving in your body.

As you inhale, your abdominal muscles move closer to the floor. As you exhale, they move back into their original position. During this, your chest should stay steady and not move. You will notice that, as you inhale, your back expands outward.

This particular exercise can make you aware of the movements that occur during the breathing process.

Squatting Exercise

In this simple exercise, squat on the floor (use your hands if necessary to balance). Inhale while noticing the movement happening across your back. You should feel your abdominal muscles moving out and your back muscles expanding as you inhale.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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