How to Break in New Basketball Shoes

By Tyler Ellington

Basketball shoes are high-top sneakers that provide support and structure for the foot and the ankle. Basketball players jump and make a lot of side-to-side movement, so the shoes are made of a very strong, rigid leather. Break in basketball shoes before the big game to avoid blisters and other foot pain.

Grab the basketball shoe by the toe and the heel. Place the palm of one hand under the toe of the basketball shoe and hold the heel of the shoe in the other hand. Curl your fingers around the toe of the shoe so that you have a firm grasp of it. Using your wrist, flex the the toe of the shoe up and down 100 times, keeping the heel still. This action will help to loosen up the toe area of the shoe and provide instant comfort. Repeat this procedure with the other shoe.

Put the basketball shoes on. Wear the shoes around the house, or when doing everyday chores. Wearing the shoes in a low-impact situation breaks them in gently and slowly. Basketball shoes will adjust to your feet, but you have to wear them to allow this to happen.

Wear the basketball shoes on a light jog. Jog no more than a half-mile and take it slow to break in the shoes. Light jogging is a great way to break in basketball shoes because it simulates some of the action that occurs during a basketball game. Toward the end of your jog, make some back-and-forth movements to simulate basketball. Execute these movements at half speed, to introduce the basketball shoes to this type of movement.

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