How to Break in Hard Mesh

By Zach Lazzari

Hard mesh is used to build the basket on a lacrosse stick. The mesh requires a break-in period with attention to pocket development. Creating a soft pocket area inside of the basket allows you to cradle and catch the ball, and a stiff area inside of the basket is used for throwing the ball. Breaking in the hard mesh requires several practice sessions, and you must monitor and adjust the material on a regular basis.

Turn on a shower head with hot water. Place the hard mesh pocket beneath the shower until the material is completely soaked. Remove the mesh from the water.

Pour hair conditioner on the wet mesh and rub it into the pocket with your hands. Work the conditioner into the mesh until it begins to soften. Place the mesh beneath the water and wash the conditioner off the mesh. Turn off the shower.

Hold a lacrosse ball and repeatedly pound it into the bottom portion of the pocket. Use hard force to develop a ball shape in the bottom of the pocket. This is the area you use to catch, hold and control the ball. The top of the pocket will remain stiff and straight for throwing the ball with force.

Prop the lacrosse stick against a wall until the mesh is dry. Practice and play with the stick to further develop the pocket and become comfortable with the feel. Repeat the process if the pocket feels too shallow and requires further development.

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