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How to Box Like Muhammed Ali

By Contributor

While there's more to the boxing style of Muhammad Ali than "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee," quick hand speed and constant footwork is the foundation of this heavyweight champion's success. Many speak of Ali's tremendous heart, as well as his ability to take a punch, when discussing why he's known as "The Greatest."

Control your anger and dispense it in measured doses in order to box like Muhammad Ali. Ali was originally recruited into boxing by a police officer who was astonished by the rage of 12-year-old Cassius Clay after his bicycle had been stolen. Ali continued to channel his rage, often fueled by the racism he experienced while growing up, to fight effectively in the ring.

Rely upon your foot speed to keep yourself out of danger when you box like Muhammad Ali. Unlike most fighters, Ali kept his hands low and moved quickly to stay out of his opponent's way, which turned out to be an unorthodox yet effective boxing style that worked, in part, due to Ali's height (6'3"). By constantly moving around in the ring, Ali often broke his opponents' concentration by forcing them to break with their style to chase him around the ring.

Use an "out-fighting" strategy to box like The Greatest. Out-fighting is a classic boxing stance, where a fighter maintains distance from his opponent at all times, using extended punches to make contact. By using this boxing style, you can pace yourself and achieve victory by merely outlasting and out-boxing your opponent.

Improve your physical condition until you can take a punch like Muhammad Ali. For all of his taunting behaviors and speed in the ring, Ali could also take a punch and still remain standing in the ring, even if the blow landed squarely on his chin. One of the trademarks of Ali's boxing style was his tremendous courage and heart and his ability to maintain his energy level even if he was hurt.

Use taunts to psyche out your opponent in order to box like Ali. Ali was famous for teasing his opponents in the middle of the fight, usually in rhyming couplets. This allowed Ali to constantly dictate the tone of the fight and to cause his opponent to lose his temper as well as his concentration.

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