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How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby

By Contributor

It's easy to bet on the Kentucky Derby. You can bet the day of the race, 10 minutes before the race, or even months in advance. You could bet on a single horse to win or box several horses in an exotic wager. No matter what method you choose, you'll surely enjoy the big day of the race.

Identify when you want to place your bet on the Kentucky Derby. There are a series of future pools that allow betting months in advance. The pools pay large odds if you select the winner, however, the risk is that you do not get a refund if your horse does not run in the Kentucky Derby. So cautious bettors should wait until the day of the Kentucky Derby so they can be sure they're betting on a horse that is scheduled to race, not a horse that is simply eligible.

Consider the number of horses that will be included in your wager. If you want all of your money on horse to win, then simply make a win bet on that horse. Otherwise, you may want to spread your wagering dollar across multiple contenders running in the Kentucky Derby.

Follow your betting horse(s) in the media the week before the Derby. The media will report published workouts in the morning from all Kentucky Derby entries. Also, if you horse gets an injury, you may not want to bet on this horse, and you'll want to pick another horse.

Plan where you want to watch the Kentucky Derby. Although thousands of people will watch the race live from historic Churchill Downs, you could watch the race on your home TV or at a local horse racing simulcast facility.

Set up a legal betting account at least 5 business days prior to the Kentucky Derby if you are watching the race at home.

Walk up to the betting window and place your wager if you're at Churchill Downs or a simulcast facility. You must say the name of the track (Churchill Downs), race number, wager amount and program numbers of the horses running. The order of this information is important.

Watch the Kentucky Derby and do not discard any tickets until the race is declared official.

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