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Where Are the Best Seats at a Football Stadium?

By Kelsey Casselbury

Whether you've spent three figures or more to enjoy an NFL game, or you’re attending a high school or college event, you want the best possible seats to see the action. Although the top seats in a stadium depend on the venue itself, certain seats are reliably better for viewing.

The Top Seats

With the exception of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers and without a bad seat in the house, ideal seats tend to be around the 50-yard line. And of course, they're also the hardest tickets to snag. The top 50-yard-line seats are around 25 rows up, notes Hall of Famer Howie Long, author of "Football for Dummies." Here, you can see the entire field easily. Resist the urge to seat in the first row; although it might be OK for small stadiums, such as at a high school, you will often have an obstructed view in bigger stadiums, such as college or pro venues, because of sidelined players, cameras, equipment and poor sightlines. If you can't get 50-yard-line tickets, Long recommends the end zone, around 20 yards up. Bring binoculars so you can really see the action.

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