Benefits of Tiptoe Walking for Adults

By Lisa M. Wolfe

Other than preparing a woman for walking in heels, tiptoe walking has benefits for most adults. It is an exercise that requires no equipment, can be done anywhere and is learned within a few minutes. Once you see the results such as improved balance and stronger calves, you'll add tiptoe walking to your weekly routine.


Tiptoe walking shifts your weight forward when you walk. As a result, you have to reset your balance to avoid falling forward. Your core contracts to keep your posture upright as your body awareness improves from walking on a smaller platform. As your balance improves, you can make tiptoe walking more challenging by walking on different surfaces such as grass or exercise mats and by closing your eyes.

Calf Muscles

One of the muscles that make up the backs of your lower legs is responsible for the toe-pointing position during tiptoe walking. Your gastrocnemius contracts when you point your toes with your leg in a straight-knee position. As you walk on tiptoe, you strengthen the gastrocnemius. Keep your heels as high as possible during your tiptoe walking and walk for as long as possible. Take a break to stretch your calves if needed and then repeat your tiptoe walking.

Foot Flexibility

Most likely, you walk around with a normal heel-to-toe foot placement as you go about your daily activities. Your walk gets you where you need to go and probably doesn't give you any trouble. Your feet are used to this and do not need to adjust or improve. When you add tiptoe walking into your day, the muscles of your feet, especially surrounding your ankle and on the tops of your feet, are stretched. As you continue tiptoe walking, your foot flexibility improves.

Foot Strength

Shifting the weight of your body onto your toes requires strength in your toe and foot muscles. The arches of your feet improve when you tiptoe walk. The muscles in your toes are strengthened when you walk on your toes. It is the different body position and weight that challenges these muscles to respond. The longer and more frequent you tiptoe walk, the stronger the muscles in your feet.

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