Bell Airstrike 950 Frame Bike Pump Directions

By Janet Renee, MS, RD

Bell Sports makes several models of air pumps, including the Airstrike 950. It is light and portable, making it easy to carry on a bike ride in case of a flat tire. You can apply sealant or patch the puncture and use the Airstrike 950 to inflate the tire. The Airstrike 950 is compatible with the Schrader valve commonly found on mountain bikes. It also fits the Presta valve, typically found on road bikes.

Step 1

Turn the bike upside down so the wheel is free and easily accessible. Locate the inner tube valve. The valve should protrude from a small hole in the wheel frame between the spokes. Remove the dust cap from the valve by turning it counter-clockwise.

Step 2

Rotate the tire so the valve is in the 6 o'clock position. This will allow you to inflate the tire from a comfortable position and angle.

Step 3

Press and hold the section of the tire directly over the valve with one hand. This will prevent the valve from moving when you push the nozzle of the bike pump into the valve.

Step 4

Hold the pump nozzle over the valve with your free hand. Press the nozzle inward to secure it to the valve. Push down on the trigger to lock the nozzle onto the valve. This creates a tight seal to prevent air from escaping while you inflate the tire.

Step 5

Pull the pump handle toward you to draw air into the chamber of the pump. Push the handle inward to force the air from the chamber into the inner tube. Use a continuous pumping motion to inflate the tire.

Step 6

Place the air pressure gauge on the valve to check the tire's air pressure. The Bell Airstrike 950 is not equipped with an air pressure gauge. The recommended air pressure is printed on the tire. Reattach the pump nozzle and continue pumping if the air pressure is not at the manufacturer's recommendation. Check the air pressure with the gauge as necessary for accuracy.

Step 7

Pull the trigger handle out to release the valve when the tire is at the correct air pressure. Pull the pump nozzle away quickly to avoid air escaping. Replace the dust cap on the inner tube by turning it clockwise.


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