How to Become a Texas Football Coach

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Becoming a Texas football coach requires an immense knowledge of the game of football and a dedication to the students and players you coach. With an understanding of the game and a willingness to educate and relate with young adults, becoming a Texas football coach is an achievable goal.

How to Become a Texas Football Coach

Step 1

Start the process of getting your Texas Teacher Certification. While going straight into coaching without teaching is a viable option for a few people with demonstrated experience in the sport, the most likely way for a person to coach football is by becoming a teacher and contributing to the football program as volunteering assistant.

Step 2

Complete a Texas teacher training program and take the certification test for the subject and grade level you would like to teach. Texas has shortages in science, technology applications, math and bilingual education. Passing a test in these areas will help expedite your search for a teaching position. Also, gaining certification through Texas Teaching Fellows will help assist you in your job search.

Step 3

Apply to teaching positions at schools with football programs. Many schools in impoverished parts of Texas cannot afford strong football programs, which often leads to a lot of turnover in their coaching ranks. If you are looking for a way to fast-track your coaching career, starting at a school with high turnover is a smart option.

Step 4

Speak with the head coach at the schools where you are submitting your teaching applications. Ask about any assistant openings on the team. Once you are offered a teaching position, you will likely have to join the team as a voluntary assistant, but there are ways to move to a paid coaching position.

Step 5

Attend football coaching workshops and camps. These events are not only a way to learn more about the coaching and strategy of football, but they are great events to network with other football coaches at both the amateur and professional levels.

Step 6

During the off-season, help run football training sessions and camps for your school. Schools use these not only to better their own football players but to get acquainted with younger student athletes who may join their programs in the future. If your school does not have an established training session, offer to start one yourself. Your initiative will help you get that full-time coaching position.

Step 7

Wait your time. Some people have to spend a couple of years living off their teaching salary alone before getting a full-time, paid coaching position at a school. For those who show a strong understanding of football, paid coaching positions at the middle school and high school levels can be attained after the first year of volunteering.

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