How to Become a Swim Instructor

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If you spent your childhood on swim teams, lifeguarding or if you are just a proficient swimmer looking for a chance to share your skills, becoming a swim instructor may be for you. Teaching children and adults to swim is a challenge, but it is a job that comes with great rewards. The path to becoming a swim instructor requires a little time and energy and a few certifications. Read on to learn how to become a swim instructor.

Become certified in adult, child and infant CPR. All of these courses are offered by your local Red Cross chapter, and often times offered at your local YMCA.

Complete a First Aid certification course. First Aid courses and First Aid re-certification courses are offered by your local Red Cross chapter. Check with your local YMCA to see if they offer these courses as well.

Take a lifeguard certification course. Your local YMCA offers lifeguard certification courses which are usually a prerequisite for taking a swim instructor course. The Red Cross also offers lifeguard certification courses at local aquatic facilities.

Enroll in the Water Safety Instructor Course offered by your local Red Cross Chapter.

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