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How to Become a Steer Wrestler

By Contributor

Steer wrestling, also known as "bulldogging," is a popular rodeo sport involving two horses, two riders and a steer. Steer wrestling has been a rodeo staple since the early 1900s. If you want to learn how to become a steer wrestler, follow these steps.

Watch a rodeo with steer wrestling. Observe how it is done and what goes on in the arena during the event.

Attend a steer wrestling clinic or watch instructional videos on how to compete in steer wrestling. Study in particular things like how to dismount from the horse and what techniques to use to wrestle the steer. Learn exactly what is expected at the start of your run in a rodeo competition.

Find a partner, called a hazer, to make up your team. The steer wrestler must concentrate on jumping on the steer. The hazer makes sure the steer stays next to the wrestler's horse.

Practice steer wrestling with others who have competed in the event. The best way to learn steer wrestling is with first-hand experience and practice.

Participate in a small rodeo for your first try. Getting real rodeo experience helps build your confidence and can help you concentrate on becoming better.

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