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How to Become a Spinning Instructor

By Contributor

With over 30,000 fitness facilities offering Spinning courses around the world, the need for certified Spinning instructors is growing every day. This popular exercise regimen offers plenty of opportunities for a career in the fitness industry.

Become a Spinning Instructor

Use an online site to register for certification as a Spinning instructor (see Resources below). Many instructional programs offer online questionnaires, free orientation seminars and fitness tests to find out if being a Spinning instructor is right for you.

Approach the management at a local fitness center to see if they offer any certification programs for Spinning and aerobics instructors. Use online resources to locate Spinning classes that are close to you (see Resources below).

Consider a broader certification program for related routines like Pilates and aerobics if you wish to become a full-time instructor, which may make you more marketable in the fitness industry.

Familiarize yourself with the various types of stationary bicycles and how to fix or troubleshoot them. This can be a very useful skill for a potential instructor.

Be prepared to prove your physical fitness by including a note or referral from your doctor with any application or resume. Some fitness centers require such a note or will offer their own physical examination to all potential instructors.

Complete the training program and receive your certification to become a Spinning instructor. Be prepared for at least nine months of training, which may include motivational techniques, breathing and visualization seminars, bicycle repair workshops and even medical training to recognize and monitor heart rates.

Purchase all of the materials needed to become a Spinning instructor, including a heart rate monitor, appropriate clothing and cycling shoes, and even a small tool kit for making minor adjustments to bikes.

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