How to Become a School Mascot

By Nick Mann

A school's mascot is often the heart and soul of a team, and is an ideal position for someone who enjoys being in the spotlight. Though being a mascot can be fun, it's not always as glamorous as it might seem. It takes hard work and dedication, and requires a person to be in peak physical shape. Getting the mascot position can often be challenging, but is still possible when following five steps.

Contact your school's athletic department and ask what steps you need to take in order to audition for the role of mascot. Also ask if there are any moves or skits that need to be learned before the actual audition. Fill out any necessary paperwork and make sure that you meet all deadlines.

Get in shape by exercising on a regular basis. It's a good idea to work on strength training as well as your acrobatic moves because mascots are often required to engage in strenuous activities.

Watch footage of two or three different mascots and pay close attention to their routines. This will give you ideas for some skits that you can incorporate into your own routine. Watching several football or basketball games is a good way to accomplish this.

Practice your routine as much as necessary until you feel comfortable that you have all of the moves down correctly. A useful technique is to have someone videotape you practicing so that you can later view the film. This will help you to understand what your strengths are and in what areas you need to improve.

Attend the audition for mascot and give your best efforts. Be prepared for anything and be able to improvise as needed.

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