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How to Become a Professional Motorcycle Racer

By Roger Jewell

Motorcycling is probably one of the most thrilling of spectator sports. The American Motorcycling Association (AMA) has about 270,000 members. The AMA racing arm is known as AMA Pro Racing. The four major AMA Pro Racing championships are for road racing, motocross, observed trials and speedway racing.

Become a professional motorcycle racer

Acquire motorcycling training and any motorcycle operator’s licenses and license endorsements that are required by your state. You’ll also need the right equipment, the basics of which include gloves, helmet, racing uniform, motorcycle, knee and elbow protection. And don’t forget about motorcycle insurance, some method of transporting your motorcycle to events, and finding a safe place to store your motorcycle. There are some good racing schools available.

Know your sport. Some good motorcycle racing trade magazines include MX Racer (Motocross), American Motorcyclist and Motocross Journal.

Join the American Motorcyclist Association, AMA Pro Racing and/or other motorcycle racing organizations. There will be some membership expenses but if you are trying to compete professionally, consider it an investment in your future.

Sign up for and pay entry fees to compete in locally-sanctioned events. You can get more information about event entrance requirements and dates of upcoming events from the AMA.

Compete in as many events as you can, especially when starting out. There is no way to learn the sport and improve your skills without actually competing in events.

Obtain sponsors to help you support your continued ability to participate on a national level. This is the final step since most potential sponsors will want to see your competitive skills in action, assessing how well you will be able to promote their product or service before shelling out money to you.A motorcycle racer talent agency, such as Motorsports Management International, may be able to assist you in this regard.

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