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How to Become a Pop Warner Coach

By Contributor

Young football players learn a lot from their Pop Warner coaches. In addition to sound football skills, a Pop Warner coach teaches children how to work with their peers to achieve common goals. The process of becoming a Pop Warner coach can be difficult because these positions are often sought-after and may require extensive experience and a background check.

Lead a Pop Warner Football Team

Choose a Pop Warner league in your community that is looking for coaches. While many coaching positions go to player's parents, there are usually open positions for interested members of the community. The official Pop Warner website features a national map of active football leagues for your reference.

Fill out the background check form provided by your local league. Every adult involved in Pop Warner is required to submit to a background check, which reviews any criminal activity and court actions against them. Since the safety and security of children are involved, you should provide as much information as possible about your past to put parents at ease.

Polish your resume before submitting an application to coach a Pop Warner team. You should focus on leadership experiences and any past work with children. League organizers look for coaches who are willing to donate large amounts of time and serve as an inspiration to others.

Outline your coaching philosophy and specific approach to managing players with a statement of principles. This statement can be short but should be written precisely to demonstrate the moral and ethical direction for the season. Distribute this statement to parents, players and officials after you become a coach to demonstrate your competency.

Attend a Pop Warner game in your community before you become a coach. It is important for youth football coaches to understand the pace of the game at the Pop Warner level.

Test your knowledge and abilities against those of other coaches at coaching clinics. High schools and local college coaches often host clinics during the summer to teach proper techniques to football professionals. You can utilize lessons learned at these clinics and apply them to your game plan.

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