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How to Become a High School Basketball Referee

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The game of high school basketball is a great way for young adults to learn sportsmanship and teamwork. The high school basketball referee is an integral manager of this growth on the court. Besides the rewarding influence on young adults, it is a great way to stay in shape and make money while doing so.

Be in good physical condition. High school basketball referees are required to be in almost constant motion in order to referee the action. If a physically unfit person tries to referee that person will not very long in the profession.

Possess an even-tempered personality. The referee has to keep their emotions in check while everyone around them is losing theirs. High school basketball can get very emotional for players, coaches and fans. The referee has to maintain order while not letting the action get out of control. To many times on the news people see a brawl at sporting event and wonder what happened. Well a properly trained and skilled referee can help appease situations such as these at times.

Make sure that there is time to commit to the vocation of being a referee. A person cannot just show up and referee a sporting event. They must understand that a time commitment to improve their craft and stay abreast of any rule changes to the sport is necessary.

Start by refereeing local youth and club tournaments. Once a referee has gained enough experience and references from the lower levels, they may use this experience as evidence of refereeing skill. Contact the local YMCA, recreational leagues or church leagues for refereeing opportunities. Any experience attained is a major plus when applying for a refereeing job at the high school level.

Contact the local High school basketball governing body. This number may be obtained through an Internet search. Call the local high schools athletic department directly. These people can tell a person exactly what is required to become a high school basketball referee. These requirements vary from location to location.

Go to a local high school basketball game and talk to a referee. Talking to someone who has been through the process is one of the best ways to determine what it entails. This also gives a person a better idea if refereeing is good for them personally.

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