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How to Become a High School Baseball Umpire

By Sabah Karimi

Being an umpire for high school baseball games can be very rewarding, but first you will need to meet the requirements of your local officiating board. Baseball umpires are responsible for overseeing the game, making sure all players are abiding by the rules and working with coaches on each team to ensure fair play.

Join the local umpire association in your area. Most high school districts have a designated umpire association in which you will need to attend meetings and learn the rules and regulations set forth by the board. Baseball umpires must register as a member in order to become certified.

Register for lectures and educational classes at the umpire association. The local umpire officials association hosts a series of lectures and educational events where umpires can learn about the basics of umpiring, local rules and regulations and things such as uniform codes. Baseball umpires will need to take specialized courses in baseball rules and regulations.

Purchase your umpire equipment. Baseball umpires need to dress in accordance to the local associations guidelines and regulations. This often includes gray slacks, a specialized shirt, a black cap, shin guards and protective plate shoes. Plate umpires also need to wear an inside chest protector, a ball bag and a protective cup (if you are male).

Find a veteran umpire to serve as your mentor. Ask members of your local board or committee if they will mentor you and answer any questions you may have about rules and regulations.

Take the written test. Some umpire associations require their umpires to pass a written test to prove they understand the rules and regulations. The written test will include general rules for the game of baseball and general responsibilities of the umpire on duty.

Pay the registration fee to become an umpire. Registration fees vary depending on the district, but they can cost up to $50. Find out when the deadlines are and submit your payment to secure your spot. You must register with the state association in order to be assigned to an upcoming game.

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