How to Become a Good Mascot

By Marcus Baker

If you become a mascot then you will certainly have a fun and exciting job. You will constantly be in an environment filled with lots of screaming fans. Often times you may even find yourself to be the center of attention at one of these games. This will depend on the specific type of role that they want the mascot to play. Some organizations want their mascot to take a more humble approach instead of center stage. This is something you will find out when you're seeking the mascot position. If you want to be accepted for that position then you will certainly want to have information on how to become a good mascot.

Practice on your performance skills because the things you perfect in private will become easier to do in public. When doing a wave, you want to use your whole arm so that you really draw the attention of the fans. Laughter can be shown by rapidly nodding the mascot's head frontward while having both hands covering its mouth. Sometimes fans will even want to give you a hug. In these instances you want to remember to be gentle especially when kids are involved. You also don't want to have an overly aggressive hug taken the wrong way because that could lead to an unwanted confrontation.

Clean your costume correctly. Refrain from dry cleaning your costume because it's possible that it can be damaged during the process. There are parts you can put in the washing machine such as the inner and outer body form along with the outer clothing. Wash them using warm water and avoid using too strong of a detergent. When drying the costume, be sure to have the heat setting low. If you're still afraid that the dryer will damage it then hang drying it is another option.

Remember the safety tips associated with mascots because certain things can cause a mascot to be seriously injured. Get a spotter to help guide you at times because visibility is often poor in a mascot costume. If you feel that you're getting too hot in your costume then take a break so that you won't end up fainting. You should also be alert for people that show signs of aggressiveness. Although mascots can be the target of attacks from anyone, fans of the opposing team should definitely have an eye kept on them. Mascots getting beat up is by no means something that's unheard of.

Create skits that fit your mascot's character. If your mascot is a character with muscles then make sure your skit has a tough and manly theme to it. However, if your mascot's character is a soft and cuddly animal then your theme should instead have a gentler feel to it. For example, you won't catch a warrior mascot having a tea party as a skit. You should also let the type of mascot affect the music you choose. If your mascot is a lion then you could choose jungle music to highlight that fact.

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