Baseball Travel Team Fundraising Ideas

By Alan Kirk

Little league baseball gives players the opportunity to play against friends and neighbors in their community. Some neighborhoods do not have enough players for an entire league and must form teams that travel. Other leagues choose to focus their best players on teams that travel to play the best players from competing leagues. In either situation, travel costs money. To raise money, leagues must come up with creative ideas for fundraisers for their baseball travel teams.

Baseball Carnival

Create a carnival with games based on skills used in baseball. Purchase or rent a radar gun, and set up a tarp for guests to throw the baseball against. Give each contestant three throws, revealing their speeds on each. If he can guess his speed within 2 miles per hour on the final throw, she wins a prize. Another game can include hitting a target with a ball. Allow guests to compete against the fastest player on your team running from first to second base. Anyone that beats the player's speed wins a prize. To allow guests to see what it's like to hit a pitch, set up a pitching machine, with prizes awarded based on the number of balls hit out of five pitches.

Baseball Shaped Candy

Don't just sell candy bars that have wrappers advertising your team's name, sell candy that looks like a baseball. Selling lollipops that look like baseballs is recommended by the website. These lollipops offer an opportunity for your team to receive half of the money spent on each lollipop by your customers. They come in a variety of colors and flavors. Sell them either door to door, or to the fans at your team's games.

Baseball Scratch-Off Cards

Make it fun for your donors to find out how much money they will donate to the baseball team using baseball scratch-off cards. With these cards the person that agrees to donate scratches off two different baseballs on the card. The total revealed behind these balls are how much that the donor donates to your baseball team. indicates that your team can receive 90 percent of the money earned using these cards after paying the purchase price. Each donor receives a page of coupons for national restaurants offering discounts and "buy one get one free" offers.


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