Baseball Research Paper Topics

By Elissa Bassini

America's epic pastime, baseball represents more than just a game; it is entrenched in national history and popular culture, reflecting the country's own evolution in facets social, cultural, legal and economic. As a source framework for research paper topics, accordingly, baseball is notably rich and diverse in its implications: from racial and gendered movements to player psychology and drug abuse to league governance and free market agency.

Breaking the Color Barrier: Jackie Robinson

The history of racism and ultimate breaking of the color barrier in professional baseball is perenially a leading paper focus for its monumental national significance. This topic invites examination of the manifest segregation institutionalized in Major League Baseball from the mid-1800s until the league's final hard-fought integration in the 1940s. While possible theses vary, any paper should to a substantial degree highlight the experiences of Jackie Robinson, the MLB's first African American player. Document the contextual circumstances of Robinson's breaking this color barrier, including the continuing discrimination to which he was subject even once in uniform and throughout his prolific career, as well as his heralded legacy of contributions facilitating a color-blind playing field.

Women in Baseball: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

The topic of the 1900s unprecedented movement in women's professional baseball affords a meaningful opportunity to explore this impactful but little-known era in history; indeed, most of what remains popularly recalled comes direct from the film "A League of Their Own," Hollywood's inspired yet inevitably simplified glamorized cinematic take. This paper centers on the development and enduring influence of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), the country's groundbreaking opportunity forged for women in the sport. Organized in 1943 as essentially a wartime business strategy substitute for the draft-depleted men's leagues, the AAGPBL was initially beseiged by cynics for its perceived uprooting of society's assumed gender roles. Against all odds, the League persevered to become a beloved cultural institution, making its athletes --- to whose talents and determination it largely owes its success ---- into heroes for generations of girls to come.

The Steroid Age: Player Psychology and League Responsibility

The outpouring of staggering revelations over recent decades of rampant steroid use by professional baseball players has profoundly complicated and tainted the contemporary legacy of the sport --- and led to the implication of many famed players. This research topic interweaves issues of player psychology, celebrity media culture and league complacency as framework for examining the modern epidemic of steroids in baseball. Focus on how and why players feel driven psychologically to corrupt their bodies and risk careers with banned performance-enhancing drugs, national perception of star athletes as infallible heroes feeds this self-defeating phenomenon and MLB's policies --- both traditional and responsive --- concerning testing, deterrence and punishment have or have not responsibly confronted this outstanding threat to the game's integrity.

Free Agency: Baseball as Business

Free agency in the MLB is a relatively recent phenomenon --- the fragile result of decades of intensive litigation, fraught union-and-owner negotiations and resonating debate in the court of public approval and entertainment interest. This advanced topic chronicles the historical developments leading to the players' ultimate triumph in their storied battle to assume free agent career control, including operative antitrust regulations, exemptions and evolving judicial interpretations, expanding roles of the MLB Players Association and collective bargaining agreements, and game-changing lawsuits instituted by individual players themselves against MLB. Address too the practical economic influences of the proven commercial successes correlating with comparable free market, pro-competition principles adopted in pertinent existent business models.

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