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Awana Game Ideas

By Lisa Roberts

Awana International is a weekly youth program that builds spiritually strong children. More than 1.5 million children attend an Awana program worldwide. Awana meetings include game time, scripture memorization, and group bible study time. Awana also offers a day called Awana Games where clubs from all across the country compete against each other in relays and fun games.

Sparky Crawl

Two sparky teams play at one time. The two teams line up facing each other on opposite sides of the sparky circle. Each team spreads out along the team's color line. Predetermine which player will return to the center for the pin or bean bag at the end of the race. At the whistle, all players crawl on their hands and knees to the opposite color line. Once the entire team has crossed the opposite team's color line, the predetermined player runs back to the center of the circle to grab the pin or beanbag. Play a second heat so the players can crawl back to their original color line. The team grabbing the pin first is awarded four points while grabbing the beanbag awards two points.

Sparky Train

Up to four teams can play this game at once. Each team has five players that line up behind each other. Each player must grab with both hands the waist of the player directly in front of them. At the whistle, the train runs around the circle once staying outside the boundary cones. If any part of the train becomes disconnected, the train must stop and link up again before they continue running. When all of the players pass the starting line, the caboose (last player) detaches and runs to the middle of the circle to grab the pin or beanbag. The team with the pin at the end is awarded four points and the team with the beanbag is given two points.

Sprint Relay

Form a team consisting of two third- or fourth-grade girls and one fifth- or sixth-grade girl. Place a circle boundary cone on each team's diagonal starting line. The first runner stands right behind their color line outside the marked circle. The two other teammates stand inside the marked circle out of the runner's way. Hand each team a baton. At the whistle, the first person runs completely around the circle outside of the cones then passes the baton to the next runner. The baton must be passed within the team's color zone or the team is disqualified. If the baton is dropped, a player may pick it up and resume running. Once all three players have run one lap, the final runner enters the circle to touch their scoring pin. The first team to touch the pin is awarded four points. The second team receives two points.

Four-Way Tug

A 16-foot long rope spliced together forming a 5-foot circle is needed for this game. Purchase the rope at the Awana online store. Place the rope circle in the middle of the Awana ring. Place a beanbag on the 12-foot mark of each team's diagonal line. Two fifth- or sixth-grade girls make a team for the first heat. Two fifth- or sixth-grade boys per team pull in the second heat. Wearing gloves is permitted during this event. Players must stay outside the rope at all times. At the whistle, players pull back towards their beanbag. The first team to grab their beanbag while keeping one hand on the rope wins the game. Moving the beanbag closer with a player's feet is allowed as long as he does not let go of the rope. Every 15 seconds the game judge blows a whistle and the line judges can move the beanbag 12 inches closer to the center of the circle. The winning team is awarded two points.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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