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How to Attach a Basketball Net to the Rim

By Doug Hewitt

You can play basketball without a net, but that can make it difficult to know when the ball has passed through the rim as the result of a shot. Attaching a basketball net to the rim can prevent basketball court arguments about whether or not a shot was a make or a miss; and it takes very little time.

Step 1

Determine which end of the net is to be attached to the basketball rim. Lay the net flat on the floor. The end of the net that has a larger diameter is the end that attaches to the rim.

Step 2

Climb a ladder with your net in hand to the height of the basketball rim. If you have a basketball rim that is attached to supports and weighted bases, tilt it over to bring the rim to ground level.

Step 3

Take one strand at the end of the net and place it into one of the rim's curled metal loops underneath. Insert the net strand around the loop until it goes through the center of the curl.

Step 4

Follow the strand of netting that you just inserted past the next knot in the netting to reach the next strand. Continue inserting strands into metal loops until all of the metal loops have been filled with netting strands.

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