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How to Attach a Basketball Backboard to a Utility Pole

By Maxwell Wallace

The first basketball hoop was a peach basket affixed to a beam inside a Massachusetts barn. Ever since it was raised, basketball players the world over have adapted features in and around their communities to further facilitate the playing of one of the world's most popular sports. Homemade backboards and rims are a perfect representation of basketball’s residence in communities all over the world. Attaching a backboard to a utility pole, which is not legal in all areas, requires some tools and is easier with assistance.

Step 1

Check the legality of hanging a backboard from a utility pole in your area. It is commonly banned by ordinance within city limits, but can be legal outside city limits with the permission of the pole's owner.

Step 2

Prepare the backboard for hanging. Manufactured backboards come assembled with centralized holes for hanging. If your backboard is homemade, drill two holes in the center. Place one hole a quarter of the way down the front of the backboard and one hole three-quarters of the way down.

Step 3

Mark the utility pole at the desired height of your backboard. Remember to take the placement of the bolt holes and rim into consideration — standard rim height is 10 feet. Drill holes for your bolts into the pole.

Step 4

Raise the backboard. If you cannot lift the backboard and hold it in place on your own prior to installing the bolts, set up additional ladders and seek the assistance of others. Line up the backboard with the holes you drilled.

Step 5

Ratchet the backboard to the pole. Insure that the bolt head is flush with the backboard so it does not interfere with the ball on contact.

Step 6

Affix a rim to your backboard.

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