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Atomic Binding Installation

By Ryan Hotchkiss

Mounting Atomic ski bindings is a matter of positioning. The bindings' location on the skis determines the weight distribution of the skier. Unmounted skies have bilateral center-line indicators. These indicators are the manufacturer's suggested location for a binding mount. However, a skier may choose to mount the skis fore or aft of the center-line by a few centimeters. Mogul and extreme skiers and racers require sharp turning action off the tips of the skis, and may mount the bindings ahead of the center-line to put more weight on the front ends. Regardless of your level or needs, the installation of Atomic bindings remains the same.

Step 1

Slide the mouth of the rail over the tongue of the oscillating tab on the ski's platform. The tab is on hinges. Slide the tail of the rail into the mouth of the toe binding until it appears out the back end. Lower the rail and binding onto the platform track. The tongue at the back of the rail slips into one of the grooves on the platform. The grooves are marked with numbers in centimeters. Place the tongue in the groove that matches the length of your boots. Boot length is found outside the boot next to the insole.

Step 2

Lift the locking tab found on the top of the base of the heel binding. It is located behind the brake plate, in front of the heel clip. Slide the heel binding into the back of the ski platform. The rails on the heel binding slide into the tracks of the platform. Push down on the locking tab when the distance indicator on the heel binding -- located below the brake plate -- points at the marked length equal to that of your boot.

Step 3

Move the toe binding forward or back on the track, an equal number of centimeter you move the heel binding forward or back on the platform, to adjust the weight distribution of the binding. The centimeter indicators on the platform no longer match the length of your boot, but the actual distance between the toe and heel binding do match that length. Find the weight distribution that suits your needs by moving the binding and testing the position until you find the placement that fits your needs.

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