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How to Assign Your Baseball Player's Positions

By Greyson Ferguson

As a coach, it is your job to determine where all the players on your baseball team should be positioned. Although some players may not be placed exactly where they want to, it is important to identify the skills of all the individuals. Some players may want to pitch but just don't have the accuracy. During the practices leading up to the season, you need to identify a few key aspects in all the players. Doing this makes assigning the positions much easier.

Hold pitching tryouts on your team. Some players may be a little apprehensive about pitching and wouldn't try without a little prodding, but it may turn out that one of them is the best on the team. Look for accuracy when starting off. If the player just can't get it over the plate, pitching may not be right for them. The pitch speed also is important when you are coaching a younger baseball team. Teaching the player additional pitches can come in time.

Position a player at catcher if he has good attention to detail. He is going to be involved with every play and need to know if someone is stealing a base on a pitch. Having enough arm strength to throw from home to second also is important.

Test the players with pop fly balls. Although all of the players should be able to catch the ball, the outfield is presented with the most during the game, so players with the greatest ability to catch a fly ball needs to be placed in the outfield. Having speed also helps because the players in the outfield are going to run more than any other position.

Test all the players with grounders, both hard and softly hit. Playing in the field, a player is going to see his fair share of grounders, and he cannot be afraid of the ball. Players that are good with grounders and are tall should be placed at first base. This gives them a longer reach when keeping their foot on the bag and catching a ball being thrown to them.

Position the player with good fielding skills and a strong throwing arm at third. This is a far throw and needs to be made accurately, so players with less arm strength need to be placed at shortstop and second base.

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