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How to Assemble a Three-Piece Slate Pool Table

By Robert Preston

Putting together a pool table can be a very difficult process, but hiring a professional for the entire job can be costly. However, there is an affordable compromise; a table owner can greatly lower the cost of assembly by handling the less technical phases of the table assembly process.

Place the frame of the table face down in the location you will ultimately be placing your table. Be sure to have 5 feet of clearance on all sides to ensure proper room for all shots.

Attach the table legs, tighten the bolts securely with the socket wrench and flip the table over so it is now right-side-up.

Place the center slate into position on the table first. The center slate will be the piece with pockets cut out in the center of opposing sides, as opposed to the corners of the slate. Place the outside slates only after you have the center slate properly in place.

Screw the slates into place.

Using the blowtorch to melt the wax, fill all seams, screw holes and dings in the slate with wax. Apply enough wax to overfill the crevasses, then use the paint scraper to scrape off excess wax, resulting in a level surface.

With the slate in place, your table is ready for a professional felt job. Felting a table is a complicated process in table assembly, and professional installation is highly recommended.

Once your table has been felted, you can attach the rails and your table is ready to play.

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