How to Assemble a Mini Trampoline

By Jaysen Oldroyd

Mini trampolines provide a relatively safe and convenient means of exercising indoors. Such trampolines come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your individual needs. As an added bonus, mini trampolines are quite compact and can be stored under a bed or table when not in use.

Transport the packaged trampoline to the location where you intend to set up the trampoline. Be sure to enlist a friend's help if the packaged trampoline proves to be too heavy or awkward to handle by yourself.

Take the trampoline out of the box and remove the plastic packaging materials from the trampoline components.

Turn the trampoline body (consisting of the frame, springs and mat) upside down on the floor.

Affix one of the trampoline legs to the trampoline body by inserting the threaded portion of the trampoline leg into the appropriate opening and rotating the leg clockwise until the base of the leg lies flush and secure against the trampoline body.

Repeat Step 4 with the remaining trampoline legs until all are securely affixed to the trampoline body.

Turn the assembled trampoline over so that the legs rest securely on the floor. The trampoline is now ready for use.


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