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How to Assemble the Iron Gym

By Marie Mulrooney

Although it's billed as a tool for pushups and situps as well, the Iron Gym is at its best when used as a leverage-mount pullup bar. This simple piece of workout equipment comes in two versions: One has just four parts to assemble; the other has six. In each case, all the hardware and tools you need are included.

Assembling the Iron Gym

Assembling your Iron Gym is as simple as tightening four bolts with a hex wrench. Place the square plastic bar against the unpadded side of each short, U-curved bar, on the inside of the curve. Use one medium bolt, one spring washer and one locking nut to attach each curved bar to the square plastic bar. Place the two halves of the long bar together and twist to lock them in place. Finally, attach the long bar to the outside of the short, curved bars using the long bolts, spring washers and locking nuts.

Assembling the Iron Gym Xtreme

Assembling the Iron Gym Xtreme works almost exactly the same as assembling the basic Iron Gym, but the U-shaped bars have a second, sharper "U" at one end. First use the included bolts, spring washer, locking nut and included hardware to attach the square plastic bar to the straight, bare ends of the curved bars. Next, attach the short, straight handles across each of the sharp "U"s on the other end of each curved bar, with the padded portion of the handle facing out. Finally, attach the long bar across the middle of each curved bar, sitting on the inside of the curve.

Installing the Iron Gym

To install the Iron Gym for pullups, insert the point of the mounting bracket in the top of the doorjamb, on the door side of the doorway. This creates a square cup at the very top of the doorway. Place the handles of the Iron Gym on the far side of the doorway, with the square upper bar pointing through the doorway on the same side as the mounting bracket. Place the upper bar in the cup created by the mounting bracket, then tug the handles down to wedge the Iron Gym into the top of the doorway. Always double-check that the Iron Gym is securely mounted before you use it.

Other Uses

You can use the Iron Gym as a pushup stand, for doing dips, or as an anchor for situps: Place it with the parallel handles pointing down, so it forms an upside-down "U" shape. Do pushups with one hand on each side of the horizontal handle, or with one hand on each of the parallel bars.

Turn around, sit just in front of the Iron Gym, and use those parallel bars as a base for dips: Straighten your arms to lift your hips just off the floor, then bend your arms to lower your hips.

Position the Iron Gym the same way for situps but wedge it in the bottom of a doorway with the horizontal handle facing away from you. Tuck your toes beneath that handle to anchor your feet as you do situps.

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