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How to Assemble an Ab Lounge Sport

By Foziya Khan

The Ab Lounge Sport is the "lite" version of the Ab Lounge family of workout devices. Weighing only 32 pounds, this blue chair can support up to 250 pounds. With your Ab Lounge Sport you can stretch, tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles by following the accompanying DVD. It's easy to assemble and requires no special tools or equipment. It also folds away for convenient storage.

Step 1

Place your Ab Lounge Sport on its side. When facing the Ab Lounge Sport the front frame should be on your left-hand side, the back frame should on your right side and the locking arm should be facing up. Open up your Ab Lounge Sport by holding the bottom of the front and rear frames and pulling them apart.

Step 2

Attach the locking arm mechanism by aligning the locking arm located in the left front frame to the pin located on the left rear frame. Press and release the button on the locking arm mechanism to hook the notch to the pin.

Step 3

Separate the seat and back by standing between the Ab Lounge Sport frame and pushing the foot rest receiver away from you. The distance between the seat and back should be approximately 2 feet.

Step 4

Pull the seat support frame. Then, attach one end of the long band to the lower hole found on the seat support frame and the other end to the hole found on the rear frame. Hook the short band to the upper hole of the rear support frame, and hook the other end of the short band to the hole located on the front frame.

Step 5

Screw the adjustment knob on the bottom of the foot rest receiver (only screw it partially). Insert the foot rest assembly into the foot rest receiver, then screw the adjustment knob tightly.

Step 6

Remove the locking knobs located on the handlebars. With the curves of the handlebars facing down, slide the handlebars into the holes on the main assembly. Attach the locking knobs to each of the handlebars.

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