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Aerobic Steps for Increasing Breast Size

By Contributing Writer

Aerobic steps promote cardiac fitness and help you stay slim. They also can help you increase your breast size when used with strength training. To give your breasts a firm, uplifted look and add inches to your size, you must make the underlying muscles of the chest larger. While this will not add to the glandular tissue that makes up breasts, it will add firm, beautiful inches to your bust line.

Chest Muscles

To increase breast size, you need to work the muscles of the chest and shoulders. Because you will use your own body weight in strength training, you will challenge the muscles enough to stimulate growth through balance and resistance. Don't worry about getting too big and bulky. You want bulk under the breasts to increase bust size. You will not get too bulky in the upper body and shoulders because women just do not have enough testosterone for that. So, train until your heart and breast size are content.


These exercises will work the pectoral muscles for maximum breast size, fullness, lift and contour. Lift and separate breasts by working the pectoralis minor, which pulls up and out toward the shoulder. Work the muscles on the sides and shoulder girdle to firm up the excess flab that we get from the side of the bra under the arm. Work the large pectoralis major in three parts--top, middle and bottom. Building up the top, along with the pectoralis minor, gives us beautiful, contoured, firm cleavage. The middle makes us perky, and the bottom enlarges and lifts the entire breast. The exercises we will use are flys, presses and push-ups. Learn to do these using an aerobic step, and you will never have a sagging breast.


Put a few blocks under the aerobic step. Height is not important as long as you are comfortable and can drop your arms a little below the level of the step. Use one or two blocks and you can lie comfortably. Use four blocks and you can work your core muscles at the same time. Lie on the step on your back with your head resting comfortably on the step. To rest, bend your knees. To work the core simultaneously, lift and straighten your lower body with knees bent to make a bridge. Now, work the chest! Use a weight or water jugs in each hand on either side of the step. Keeping the elbows straight, start with arms fully extended to the sides, then bring up and together in front of you. Do three sets of 10 repetitions.


Chest Press: Keep the same position lying on the step as in the fly. This time, bend the elbows so that they are on the floor or as low as possible and your hands are straight above you. Press the weights up, straightening the elbows as you press, then return. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Incline Press: The incline press is the same as the chest press, except you will adjust your position to target the upper pecs. Put four blocks under one end of the step and none under the other end. Lie with your head on the higher end. Rest your lower back on the step with your knees bent. Do the chest press as before, pressing straight up. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Decline Press: The decline press works the lower pecs to give us that beautiful lift and curve to the bottom of the breast. Put your head at the lower end of the step and rest your back on the higher end with your knees bent. Repeat the chest press again, pressing straight up. Do three sets of 10 reps.


These work like the presses, but you will work more through the upper arms and shoulder girdle. With the aerobic step flat on the floor, kneel and face it horizontally. With your hands wide, place each palm on the ends of the step and lunge both legs straight out behind you, resting on your toes. Bending the elbows, lower your upper body to the step, but do not rest on it, then press to straighten your elbows and rise up again. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Incline Push-up: Place two to four blocks under each end of the step so that your upper body is higher than your lower body. Repeat the push-ups as above.

Decline Push-up: Place the step directly on the floor. Place your feet and lower legs on top of an exercise ball or use a chair or sofa. Repeat the push-ups as above.


Do these strength-training exercises three times per week. Wait a day or two between workouts to allow muscles to repair and grow more tissue. Do these religiously and you will see results in a month.


Building chest muscles is the most natural, most healthy method of breast enlargement. Before risking surgery or hormone creams, try this 100 percent safe method that has positive health benefits while adding true inches.

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