How to Adjust Taylor Made R7

By Patrick Hutchison

TaylorMade is a popular manufacturer of golf equipment and supplies including balls, irons and drivers. In 2004, TaylorMade came out with a new driver called the R7. The R7 was designed to be the ultimate do it yourself, custom driver. The R7 features an adjustable weight system called TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC). TLC allows users to move included weights to different areas of the club head, and thus adjust the way the club impacts the ball. By adjusting a TaylorMade R7 you can combat or enhance the trajectory of your ball.

Remove all weights from your TaylorMade R7 using your TLC torque wrench.

Hit several balls to establish your regular trajectory.

Add weights to the TaylorMade R7 using your TLC torque wrenchto adjust your trajectory. All TaylorMade R7s come with two 2 gram weights and two 10 gram weights. Start with the smaller weights first. For more draw, add weight to the heel side and for more fade, add weight to the toe side. For more height, add weight to the back of the club and for lower flight, add weight to the front. Adjust one variable at a time.

Check your new trajectory by hitting several more balls making any final adjustments if necessary.


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