How to Adjust Salomon Bindings

By James Wiley

Salomon bindings are high quality bindings used by a variety of skiers. Adjusting the ski bindings is extremely easy, which is a huge factor in their popularity. In order to set your binding correctly, you will need to know the length of your ski boots. This is easily found by looking in the inside heel of the boot. The boot size is typically printed there in millimeters. Once you know your boot length, adjusting your bindings will take a matter of seconds, as all you need to do is consult the sole length scale at both ends of the bindings, which will tell you where to adjust your bindings to.

Step 1

Push in the clips on the ends of the binding that enable you to slide the binding back and forth. Adjust the binding to the setting closest to your sole length as specified by the sole length chart.

Step 2

Repeat this process for the other binding.

Step 3

Try on the skis to make sure they fit in a satisfactory manner. Slide the toe of your ski boot into the front clip, then push down your heel into the rear binding. Repeat this for the other ski, then walk around slowly to ensure that you are happy with the adjusted bindings.

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