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How to Adjust a Golden Eagle Brave Scout Bow

By Leslie R. Thompson

The Golden Eagle Brave Scout Bow is a great way to introduce young people to archery. The bow comes fully assembled. The Scout bow does not have an adjustable pull weight but should be light enough for use by most children. The main form of adjustment is to convert the bow for left handed archers. Almost all bows come pre-set for right handed archers.

Right to Left Hand Bow Conversion

Step 1

Hold the bow in an upright position, balancing the bottom on the toe of your shoe.

Step 2

Press the top of the bow toward the bottom, gently to loosen the string.

Step 3

Slide the top wheel, or black cam bracket, toward you to remove it. This should come off easily.

Step 4

Slide the bottom bracket off toward you.

Step 5

Flip the bow string and ends. Install the top bracket onto the bottom and the bottom bracket onto the top of the bow.

Step 6

Check the string's alignment at both ends of the bow. The string should be properly aligned to fit into the grooves on the brackets. During the switch, strings can slip out of place. Make sure you check this before using.

Step 7

Draw the bow three times, releasing gently and slowly. Do not dry fire the bow without an arrow in it. This can cause the bow to splinter or break.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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