How to Adjust BMX Bike Brakes

By David Shaw

The most common type of brakes on bicycle motocross (BMX) bikes are U-brakes. These brakes are located on the forks of the front and back tire. Because BMX bikes are subjected to a lot of abuse, regular maintenance is recommended, especially when dealing with brakes. Observe and inspect your brakes to check for worn pads. When adjusting your brakes, the brake pad should be even and be making full contact with the rim to ensure a safe and quality brake system.

Disconnect your brake cable from the brake arm. Unscrew the lock on the cable using your hand. Pull the cable out of the housing.

Loosen the 5mm bolt from the spring housing using an Allen wrench.

Turn the spring housing in the direction that spreads the brake pads away from the rim. Turn the spring housing until you push the pad to the rim it and let go, it springs back from the rim.

Tighten the spring housing using an Allen wrench until it stays open.

Return the brake cable to the brake arm. Pull the cable through to the other side of the brake arm and spin the lock into place using your hand.

Set the cable adjuster at halfway. Spin the knob on the side of the brake system, and seat it in the center position.

Loosen the spring housing with an Allen wrench. Push the brake arms down to the rim using your hands. The brake pads should be even and parallel with the rim.

Pull the cable away from the cable pincher, and tighten it using a pair of pliers. Loosen the barrel adjuster if the brakes are too tight.

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