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How to Add Resistance to the Gazelle Edge

By Jacob Burney

The Gazelle Edge is a basic elliptical machine designed and marketed by fitness instructor, Tony Little. The Gazelle Edge is affordable, low-impact, quiet and meant for home use. It has foot pedals and arm handles designed for upper and lower body toning. The Edge comes with a basic tracking computer that informs you of your speed and calories burned, but the machine has no external resistance mechanism. You control your own body angle, stride length and stride frequency to increase workout intensity; the level of resistance comes as is. Speculatively, adding a resistance mechanism to the design would increase cost and possibly hinder the smooth low-impact workouts of the machine.

Place wrist weights around your wrists. These are inexpensive and available for purchase at any fitness store.

Place ankle weights around your ankles. These are comparable to wrist weights in price. The heavier the weights, the more resistance you can add to your workout.

Step onto the Gazelle Edge. Situate your feet and hands so you are balanced and comfortable on the machine.

Warm up for five minutes on the machine by performing short, slow strides. Skipping a warm-up can result in muscle strains or pulls.

Lengthen your stride and increase your stride frequency to maximize your workout and the benefits of the added resistance on your limbs.

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