How to Add Acid to Swimming Pools

By Jennifer Habersham

Measuring the pH in a pool regularly is an integral part of pool maintenance. If the pH balance of your swimming pool is off, it can create an unsafe environment for swimmers. When the pH level is too low, the water can become acidic, leading to sore eyes and pool corrosion. If the pH level is too high, the chlorine will not work properly, leaving you with a dirty pool. One of the ways to lower the pH balance of your pool water is to add muriatic acid.

Perform a pH test. Follow the directions on the testing kit to determine how much acid you should add to the swimming pool. The kit should contain all necessary components for testing pH and acid levels.

Make sure the pool pump is running and that no one is in the water.

Dip the bucket into the pool to fill. Your bucket should be 3/4 of the way full. Set the bucket onto a hard surface and put on your gloves. If you slop the acid onto your skin, it can cause significant burns.

Add the acid to the water slowly. The amount of acid you add will depend on the results of your acid test. Once again, your pH testing kit will direct you as to how much acid you should add.

Pour the bucket of acid and water into the deep end of the pool. The pump will circulate the acid around the entire pool.

Test the pH levels of the pool after four hours have passed. Repeat process if needed.

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