Activity & Exercise for Patients With Tuberculosis

According to information from the Mayo Clinic, tuberculosis is a disease which occurs when the body's lungs are infected with a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. This is an airborne virus, which means it spreads without any physical contact between individuals. Symptoms include fever, sweating, chills, weight loss, and loss of appetite, along with persistent coughing and chest pain. Exercise is important to keep your immunity to the bacteria high, assisting in the healing process.

Exercise Guidelines

Perform regular exercise during your course of treatment in order to ensure that the mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria is completely removed from your body. According to information from the medical website, medication alone will not guarantee insulation against this disease. Therefore, a course of medication must be paired with proper diet, rest, and exercise in order to fully expel the bacteria from your system. Engage in regular, moderate-intensity exercise at least five days out of the week for 30 minutes or more at a stretch.

Exercise Recommendations

Activity & Exercise for Patients With Tuberculosis

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For patients currently affected with tuberculosis, performing simple activities such as brisk walking outdoors can help to provide your body with fresh air and exercise to help eliminate the bacteria. Do not be overly concerned with meeting the five-days-per-week, 30-minutes-per-day recommendations if you are still exhibiting heavy symptoms. Simply perform as much activity as you are physically able to do at any given time.

For individuals whose symptoms are beginning to abate, feel free to step up the intensity of the activity to increase your benefits. Consider light jogging, stationary biking, or resistance training to burn additional calories while keeping your body free from tuberculosis. Establishing a regular exercise routine while ill can help to keep you disease free in the future, providing a substantial return on your effort.