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Pony Cart Building Plans

By D.C. Winston ; Updated January 09, 2018

A pony cart can best be described by two attributes, though other details may vary widely: It is a small two-seated transportation cart with an axle mechanism under the seat, and it is meant to be pulled by a pony or horse.

Historical Use

Pony carts have been used for centuries to carry people and their belongings, farm and household goods and even used for sport. See the resources below for a broad view of pony cart designs through history and into modern times.

Traditional Design

Pony carts are traditionally constructed of hardwoods and consist of two wooden wheels, metal rein rails, a whip holder and, occasionally, fenders and even lights. The seat includes a backrest and is sized to accommodate two people, and it is made of wood and often upholstered in leather to add to the comfort of the ride.

Plans for Purchase

There are several sites on the web that offer a wide variety of plans for building the many permutations of pony carts (see Resources). Most complete plan sets can be purchased for under $20.00. Some plan specialists provide electronic downloads of their plans, but most provide printed schematics sent through the mail.

Pony Carts Built to Spec

If you are having trouble finding a pony cart plan that meets your specific needs, several retailers will design, engineer and build a custom pony cart for you or deliver the cart in kit form so that you can have the satisfaction of completing the final assembly yourself (see Resources). You can easily inquire about these unique services by email and even get cost quotes on line.

Other Resources

If you are seeking a pony cart design and aesthetics from a certain period in time or from a specific area of the country, visiting your regional library or historical society may yield rich results. Drawings, plans, accounts and pictures are usually available to help guide your research and plans.

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