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AB Swing Exercises

By Jennifer Clary

The AB Swing is a piece of exercise equipment used to tone the abdominal muscles. It uses gravity and gliding technology to tone the obliques, lower, and upper abdominal muscles. The concept behind the AB swing is that you should get the same results using this portable piece of equipment as you would by doing multiple abdominal weight machines at the gym. The key to using the AB Swing effectively is to position your body to isolate the abdominal muscles you are trying to improve.

Work Your Obliques

In order to work your obliques on the AB Swing, sit at an angle in the chair with your body weight resting on only one side of your buttocks. Grab the handlebars and make sure that your feet are securely planted on the foot rest. When you do the swing crunch motion in this body position, your obliques will be isolated. After you do one side, transfer your body weight to the opposite side of your buttocks and work the other side of your obliques.

Work Your Lower Abdominal Muscles

Sit on the AB Swing facing forward, hold onto the handlebars or hold your hands in the air, and place your feet firmly on the foot rest. To get the best workout for your lower abdominal muscles on the AB Swing, do leg lifts. Keeping your legs straight, lift your legs on the swing as high as you can. Repeat a set of 10-12 leg lifts three to four times every other day.

Work Your Upper Abdominal Muscles

Sit down on the AB Swing in the same position as you would for working your lower abdominal muscles. This time, instead of lifting your legs up, use your upper abs to crunch downward. Crunch forward as far as you can using your upper abdominal muscles. Repeat a set of 10-12 crunches three to four times every other day.

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