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The Nutrition in a Nonfat Unsweetened Green Tea Latte

By Tara Kimball

Traditionally, a latte is a blend of espresso and steamed milk. A green tea latte is a blend of steamed milk with green tea. Many commercial varieties of the green tea latte start with a powdered green tea base blended with the steamed milk. Understand the nutritional information for the drink, including the health benefits of green tea, so you know how it fits into your diet.

Calories and Fat

A 16-ounce nonfat, unsweetened green tea latte contains 210 calories. Made with nonfat milk, this latte contains no fat. Selecting the nonfat version of this latte helps reduce your overall fat intake. Your diet should consist of 20 to 35 percent of your total calories from fat, according to the 2010 dietary guidelines from the USDA.

Cholesterol, Sodium and Carbohydrates

A nonfat, unsweetened green tea latte contains 10 milligrams of cholesterol in each 16-ounce serving. There are 37 grams of carbohydrates, 36 grams contributed directly from sugar with the remaining gram from dietary fiber. Despite the unsweetened variety, the natural sugar in the ingredients still contributes some carbohydrates. The green tea latte contains no sodium, making it a safe selection if you are reducing sodium due to hypertension or other health concerns.

Vitamins and Minerals

The green tea latte has 50 percent of your daily recommended intake of calcium and 15 percent each of your recommended intake of vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is a significant benefit for your vision, helping to maintain eye health. Vitamin C is an immune system and all-round health booster.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has significant antioxidant benefits, reducing the risk of many different forms of cancer. Harvard Medical School reports that adding green tea to your diet on a regular basis can help reduce your cholesterol and lower blood pressure, which can lower your risk of heart disease.

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