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When Does a Baby Become Less Active in Pregnancy?

By Rose Welton ; Updated June 13, 2017

You will start feeling your baby's movements between 16 and 22 weeks pregnant. At first, you can expect to feel light flutters that develop into stronger, more regular movements as your pregnancy progresses. Toward the end of your pregnancy, the movements of your unborn baby will change, but he will not necessarily be less active. Monitoring your baby's movements can help determine his well-being.

Different Activity

In the last month of your pregnancy, your baby's movements may change due to the lack of room in your womb. The movement that you experience in the end of your pregnancy varies according to each baby, but you will still be able to feel movements. The movements that you feel may be rolls and flips instead of kicks.


While the type of movements your baby makes during pregnancy may change, you should not experience much decrease in movement. If you do, call your doctor immediately. Less fetal movement in pregnancy can indicate a problem with the health of your baby.

Monitoring Movements

The American Pregnancy Association recommends counting your baby's movements during pregnancy as a way of screening your baby's well-being and be alert to potential problems. During a time of day when your baby is usually active, try counting the amount of time it takes to feel 10 movements, including kicks, rolls or flips. If it takes longer than 2 hours to count 10 movements, call your doctor.


Your doctor will be monitoring the health of you and your unborn baby toward the end of your pregnancy with examinations and, if necessary, ultrasounds. If you become concerned about your baby's physical activity during pregnancy and you are between examination appointments, do not hesitate to call your doctor. Paying attention to the movements your baby makes is not meant to induce paranoia, but instead can be a way to help you help your baby.

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