What Is the Dosage of Kelp for an Average Person?

Fact Checked

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When you swim in the ocean and your foot brushes against a piece of algae, it's a natural reaction to flail until you're clear of the slimy plant. In a health food store, however, algae isn't as threatening. Kelp is a type of ocean algae that you can consume through capsules. Taking a regular dosage of kelp provides a source of several nutrients, though it could provide too much of some.

No Specific Dosage

NYU Langone Medical Center reports there's no recommended dosage of kelp, as the amount of nutrients such as iodine varies significantly in kelp capsules. Adults should consume up to 150 micrograms of iodine per day for hormonal function, but the center reports some kelp capsules might contain up to 57,000 micrograms of iodine. Taking too much kelp can raise your body's iodine levels and lead to thyroid issues. Dosage aside, kelp also provides nutrients such as folic acid, which contributes to cell growth, as well as vitamin K and magnesium. Speak to your doctor before taking a kelp supplement