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Treadmills for a 350 Pound Capacity

By Marie Mulrooney

Combining increased physical activity and a healthy diet is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off. If you're ready to make a life change that includes increased physical activity, purchasing your own treadmill is a convenient solution that will pay for itself in money saved on gym memberships. But some home cardio equipment is surprisingly flimsy, and if you exceed the treadmill's maximum user weight limit it might break down quickly, and you might even void the warranty.


Sole Fitness has a good reputation for producing quality treadmills. The folding F65, F80, F83 and F85 treadmills, plus the non-folding S73, S77 and TT8 treadmills all support 350 lb. or more, up to a maximum user capacity of 425 lb. on the TT8.


Smooth Fitness also produces a line of home treadmills built to support 350 lb. or more. The 6.75 and 7.35 both have maximum user weights of 350 lb., and the 9.35HR, 9.45ST and 9.45TV all support up to 400 lb.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG


True Fitness produces both commercial and residential-use treadmills. Of its home-use line, the ES900, PS850, PS800, PS300, PS100, Z5.4 and Z5.0 treadmills all support at least 350 lb.


ProForm produces an extensive, frequently rotated line of home-use treadmills. Only about half of these machines support 350 lb. Those are: The Performance 900, Performance 1450, Power 1080, Power 995, Trailrunner 2.0, 505 CST and Trailrunner 4.0.


Spirit Fitness sells both home and commercial-use treadmills manufactured by Dyaco, the same company that manufactures treadmills for Sole. Of Spirit's home-use treadmills, the XT285 supports 350 lb., the XT385 supports 375 lb., and the XT485 and XT675 both have maximum user weight limits of 425 lb.


Landice produces a small line of highly rated home-use treadmills. They don't come cheap, but if you want a heavy-duty investment the Landice L7 supports up to 400 lb., and the L8 has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lb.


Like ProForm, NordicTrack offers an extensive, frequently rotated line of treadmills -- little surprise, since both NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills are manufactured by the same company, ICON Health & Fitness. Almost all NordicTrack models can stand up to at least 350 lb., including the Commercial 1500, Commercial 1750, Elite 9500 Pro, A2550 Pro, Elite 9700 Pro, A2750 Pro, C 900, C1250, X7i Incline Trainer, Reflex 4500 Pro and Reflex 8500 Pro.

Horizon Fitness

Like ProForm and NordicTrack, Horizon produces an extensive line of home-use treadmills. But only a few models support 350 lb. or more: The CT12.1, T103, T203 and T6. The latter has a 400-lb. user weight capacity.


AFG or Advanced Fitness Group, a division of Johnson Health Tech, produces several treadmills that meet or beat the 350-lb. capacity requirement: The 3.0 AT, 5.0 AT and 13.0 AT.

Commercial Equipment

If you weigh close to a given treadmill's user weight capacity, you might want to consider upgrading to prolong the machine's useful lifespan. One of your best options for great durability in a 350-lb. capacity or higher is commercial-grade equipment. Ignore home machines misleadingly labeled with "Commercial" in the product name and instead look for equipment warranted for commercial use, all of which should support 350 lb. or more.

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