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How to Do a 360 Basketball Dunk

By Contributor

Sure a dunk is flashy, but a 360 dunk is FLASHY. It's like comparing Ames, Iowa, to Las Vegas.

Attempt a 360 dunk when the court is void of any people in front of you, such as on a fast break.

Approach the basket with speed.

Make a jump stop by planting both of your feet at the same time 6 to 8 feet from the basket.

Angle your toes in the direction you plan to spin when you jump stop.

Hold the ball with both hands.

Toss your shoulders a bit in the direction of your spin as you jump.

Look over your shoulder in the direction that you're spinning, keeping your chin near your shoulder.

Find the rim with your eyes before your body rotates completely.

Bring the ball around your body.

Extend toward the rim.

Dunk the ball.

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