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The Calories Burned While Working

The amount of calories you burn while working depends on several factors. These include how physical your job is, how many hours you work and individual characteristics such as your current weight and age.


A job that requires little movement can be described as sedentary 1. Examples of sedentary types of work are office or driving jobs, which require the worker to be seated for the main part of the working day. A person weighing 150 pounds burns approximately 35 calories per hour performing a sedentary job.


Moderately active types of work include general cleaning, electrical, plumbing and patient care. A 150-pound person with a cleaning job that requires moderate effort burns around 170 calories per hour. A plumber or electrician can expect to burn around the same and a person working in patient care will burn approximately 135 calories each hour.


Types of work that require physical effort include physical education teaching, working in a steel mill and forestry work. A physical educator who participates in the sport he teaches burns around 370 calories per hour. A steel mill worker will use around 420 calories each hour, depending on the type of work to which he is assigned. A forestry worker expends, on average, around 500 calories each hour spent working on trees.