How to Use Swedish Bitters

In the mid-16th century, Swiss physician Phillipus Paracelsus created Swedish bitters, or Swedish herbs, to aid digestion. The traditional Swedish bitters recipe includes 11 herbs in alcohol and is still used to help digestion. In a study reported by the World Health Organization on treating burili ulcers with herbal preparations in Ghana, Swedish bitters had an effect against 13 out of 13 microorganisms including staph, strep and candida. Consult your doctor about any health concerns before taking Swedish bitters. Herbs can have side effects and may interfere with medications.

Make a Swedish Bitters Tonic

Add 1 to 3 tsp. of Swedish bitters to a cup of water or herbal tea. Stir the tea.

Drink half of your Swedish bitters tonic 30 minutes before a meal and the other half of it 30 minutes after the meal.

Add up to 2 tbsp. of Swedish bitters tea to a cup of boiling water to drink once or twice a day for alcohol-free Swedish bitters.

Brew Swedish Bitters Tea

Measure 1 tsp. of dry Swedish bitters into a teapot.

Pour 3 cups of boiling water into the teapot. Stir the tea often as it steeps.

Store the tea in the refrigerator after it cools.


Stomach tenderness and sleepiness are signs of overdose, according to the Swedish Bitters website.