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08 July, 2011

What Do Red Bumps on the on Inner Thigh Mean?

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Red bumps on your inner thighs can be caused by an array of conditions, some of which can be seriously detrimental to your health. To ascertain the cause and meaning of red bumps you must take into consideration when the bumps appeared, what other symptoms the bumps bring about and whether they go away.


Herpes Simplex ,irritants, syphilis, warts and acne can all be causes of red bumps in on your inner thighs. Most of these conditions are contracted from others and can be spread to others. Herpes and warts are caused by viruses. Syphilis is caused by a bacterial infection. Bacteria plays a part in acne, although hormones and the over-secretion of oil also play roles. Irritants cause contact dermatitis. All of these can cause red bumps on your inner thighs and genitalia.


Some conditions are so similar to each other they can only be differentiated using laboratory analysis. Herpes, warts, and syphilis must be diagnosed using a swab or blood test. Acne can be diagnosed by consulting with a dermatologist, and contact dermatitis is diagnosed by testing your skin sensitivity to irritants.


Each condition has a different set of symptoms to go along with the red lumps on your inner thighs. Herpetic lesions are painful, tend to reoccur and during the initial infection can cause fever, muscle pain, fatigue, and headaches, which are followed by the appearance of red blisters on your inner thighs and genitalia. Syphilitic infection produces painless red sores on your inner thighs and genitalia. If syphilis is left untreated, it can progress and cause fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches and a full body rash. Acne and warts are generally without symptoms. Warts have the tendency to spread to other areas of the skin. Irritants can cause swelling and itching of the affected skin.


Every one of the above-mentioned conditions responds to a different type of treatment. Herpes responds to antiviral medications. Syphilis is treated with antibiotics. Acne doctors recommend antibiotics, hormonal treatment or topical agents. Warts are treated using liquid nitrogen or topical agents. Contact dermatitis is treated using antihistamines, corticosteroids or simply eliminating contact with the irritant.


These conditions are only a few of the possible causes of red bumps on the inner thighs. They are some of the most common ailments which cause them. It important to consult with your physician if you have any symptoms because many of them cause potentially life threatening complications if left untreated.