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Safe Effective Benefits of Ultrasound Massage

By Mark Little ; Updated July 18, 2017

Muscle and tendon injuries are painful and annoying. The benefits of ultrasound massage relieves pain and aids in healing. Ultrasound massage uses high frequency sound waves to penetrate deep into your body to relieve pain and soreness. The sound waves excite the bodies’ molecules providing a warm relaxing effect.

Increased Range of Motion

Sound waves move at different rates, producing different effects depending on type of tissue treated. Healing results are due to heat generation in injured tissue and its acoustic properties. During ultrasound massage, a gel spread on the skin on the area of treatment serves two purposes; lubrication to prevent discomfort and preventing air between the ultrasound head and the skin. An airtight connection improves the conduction of sound waves. Heat promotes healing, and ultrasound generates heat. In addition, acoustic streaming increases activity in your cell membranes that affects your body’s inflammatory response. Ultrasound massage, by raising the temperature in a previously injured area, increases flexibility in scar tissue. An increase in flexibility leads to increased range of motion. According to research in "The Journal of Athletic Training" and reported by the National Institute of Biotechnology website, research shows ultrasound is effective when scar tissue has resulted in limited ROM. The flexibility of tissue increases if the tissue temperature is elevated. The higher the temperature during your ultrasound treatment the more the resultant tissue flexibility is increased.

Improved Circulation

Tissue injury requires blood to carry the healing elements to the injury. Ultrasound therapy increases circulation, which speeds healing time. In addition, the warming character of ultrasound improves blood flow and reduces pain. According to, increasing circulation with an ultrasound reduces painful symptoms due to injury. Sound waves sent into your tissues create heat, improving circulation and aiding in the healing process.

Trigger Points

Trigger point is a term used to describe a painful focal point in your muscle or fascia. The sore point appears as a lump or soft knot in the muscle. When pressed, pain radiates to other parts of the body along the nerves. Trigger points, caused by overuse or muscle spasms, can appear on any muscle in the body. According to Human, ultrasound used as an adjunct therapy increases the effectiveness of other more aggressive treatment options for trigger points such as muscle stripping massage and ischemic compression. Heat generated from ultrasound application helps relax the knotted muscle.

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