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Herbal Remedies to Help Kidney Function

By Leigh Good ; Updated August 14, 2017

Your kidneys serve as the filters for your body, flushing waste along with excess salt and water, according to the Just for You Home Remedies website. If you have unhealthy kidneys, you may experience water retention, high blood pressure, frequent urination and low back pain. If you think you have a kidney problem, consult your doctor for treatment options.

Herbal Teas

The Just for You Home Remedies website recommends drinking herbal tea to help your kidneys function. Specifically, cleavers tea, burdock tea and dandelion tea are diuretics that flush toxins from your kidneys. You can find dried cleavers, burdock root and dandelion leaves at health food stores. Steep a teaspoon or two of any of these herbs in warm water and drink the tea to promote kidney health.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil has been used traditionally to treat patients with kidney stones, according to the Medline Plus website. The Evening Primrose Oil website says kidney transplant patients who take evening primrose oil supplements experience better results after their transplants. You can find evening primrose oil capsules at drug stores and natural food stores.


Kelp is a natural herbal diuretic, according to the Compleat Mother website. It's a sea vegetable that's available in powder and capsule forms at health food stores. Kelp contains nutrients including potassium, iodine and iron that support kidney health. It cleanses the kidneys by increasing urine production, which flushes toxins from your body.


Parsley is an herb found in most household kitchens that can help your kidneys function properly, according to the Compleat Mother site. Taking supplemental parsley, which you can find in capsule and tincture form at health food stores, helps cleanse your kidneys while supporting overall health with high levels of potassium.


The Holistic Med website recommends ginger compresses to draw toxins from the kidneys. To make a compress, heat a large pot of water and grate a golf ball-size piece of peeled, fresh ginger. Squeeze the grated ginger over the pot so that the liquid falls into the water. Throw the remaining grated ginger into the pot and heat it for five minutes without boiling. Soak a hand towel in the mixture and lie on your stomach. Drape the towel across your lower back, covering your kidneys. Leave the towel in place until it cools, then dip it in the mixture again and repeat five to six times.

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