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Christie Brinkley's Secrets to Aging Gracefully

By Sara Lindberg ; Updated August 31, 2017

She’s timeless, iconic and graceful — not to mention completely charming. At 63 years old, Christie Brinkley, supermodel and celebrity spokesperson, just keeps getting better with age. And with a resume packed full of accomplishments — including her most recent cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue — Brinkley has a lot to be proud of.

But if you were to ask what brings her the most joy in life, chances are the names Alexa, Jack and Sailor, her three adult children, would be at the top of the list. And they would be followed closely by her two dogs: Maple Sugar, a Labradoodle, and Chester, a rescue pup.

Talking with Brinkley is like spending time with your best girlfriend. In a recent interview, she shared her tips on everything from staying fit and aging gracefully to raising kids and how her two adorable dogs help her stay so young. Here are some of her healthy-living tips and the philosophies that help her stay fit and feeling her best.

1. She finds creative ways to be active every day.

Because Brinkley loves to eat, she jump-starts her metabolism with at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day. A big fan of mixing it up, Brinkley loves riding her bike on the beach, kayaking, playing tennis, standup paddleboarding, sweating it out in a Spin class and using her Total Gym.

But her favorite way to get moving and burn some extra calories is dancing with her daughter, Sailor. “When Sailor is home, I tell her to turn on the music and dance because she has all the great moves,” she says. “We start dancing, and I try to imitate her. And since I can’t dance I really start laughing, and that is good for my stomach muscles.”

2. She relies on her pups to keep her motivated.

We all know how difficult it can be to stay motivated and stick to a consistent exercise routine. Even Brinkley has found that having other sources of motivation helps her stay fit and engaged in fitness for life. She credits her dogs as her “personal trainers” and says Maple Sugar and Chester get her out of the house several times a day.

“My dogs and I feel best when we start out the day with a short run, and we especially love running on outdoor trails,” says Brinkley, who’s also a spokesperson for Purina Pro Plan. “It’s more interesting for the dogs, and I find it works more leg muscles than running on a treadmill.”

3. She’s a vegetarian.

In her new book, “Timeless Beauty,” Brinkley talks a lot about the importance of diet. “You cannot underscore enough how important good nutrition is as the foundation for everything; from your energy to the way you look. Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself,” she writes.

Brinkley began eating (and living) a vegetarian lifestyle at 13 years old. She said the idea of becoming a vegetarian initially stemmed from her love of animals. However, as she began educating herself, she realized just how good this way of eating was for her. In fact, she believes so strongly in being a vegetarian that she has raised all three of her kids as vegetarians.

4. She starts each day with lots of color.

Getting the right nutrients is absolutely key to staying fit and healthy. Brinkley calls her diet the “rainbow diet” because she likes to rope in as many colors as possible in a day. “I love to include everything from deep leafy greens and deep cranberry colors to orange and red. And as long as you avoid white as much as possible, you will be doing really well,” she says.

Brinkley eats seasonally as much as possible and likes to start her day with a breakfast full of vibrant colors. She’s currently hooked on a delicious morning meal that includes blueberries, raspberries, walnuts and a Bio-K (probiotic) with raw oatmeal sprinkled on top. Lunch consists of a salad with lots of veggies and beans, while dinner usually includes grains, beans and, of course, a generous side of vegetables.

5. She never stops learning and volunteering.

To keep her mind active, Brinkley challenges herself to learn something new every week. For example, she says she has always loved reading and learning about the ocean and marine life. Since she just learned her area has a local volunteer group that works to keep plastic off the beaches, she’s planning on joining the crew to help keep the beaches beautiful, safe and free of trash.

She’s also fully committed and involved in her partnership with Purina Pro Plan, helping spread tips about healthy aging for pets and their owners.

“I’m excited to partner with Purina Pro Plan to discuss two topics near and dear to my heart: healthy aging in people and pets! My pets, Maple Sugar and Chester, are part of my family, and I think it’s important to educate other dog owners about the importance of proper nutrition for you and your pet so we can live longer together,” says Brinkley.

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